“Take me Back” Tuesday!

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It has been a long time since I’ve posted anything but, in honor of my trip coming up this Thursday, I thought I would do a “Take me Back” Tuesday Post on ST. Martin!

February 2014 my family and I went to St. Martin for 10 days. My sister put together this trip for my mother’s birthday. Now I’m a Europe kind of girl, that’s where my heart is. But it did not take long for St.Martin to win my heart.

The view

The view     

IMG_6340          10 of us stayed in this bangin’  Villa in Eden Rock. Not gonna lie the ride was a little sketchy, I was not sure where the driver was taking us, so many winding roads. My sister had been there a few times before, so I wasn’t completely freaking out but I couldn’t see the dream. WELL, we pulled up on this hill and the view was breath taking we saw the cluster of villas and finally got to our spot and it was STUPID!! (in a great way). I felt like I started from thebottom, cause now we here! Amazing ocean views an infinity-esque pool in the back, and a window wall that completely opened up so you had this indoor outdoor feel. It was truly a dream.

Our Villa was on the Dutch side of the Island. If you’ve never been there is a Dutch side and french side. We frequented the Philipsburg Beach which is the beach that the cruise ships dock. A lot of stores and restaurants, cute boardwalk. It’s a very touristy spot. You can find high end stores and you can also find souvenir shops. There is something for everyone! Leave it to me to find the MAC store ;).

You see what I mean!!

Maho Beach, Is this really happening?

We also went to Maho Beach which is a MUST see. It’s the beach you see from your window when you first land. And you’re thinking wait. Why can I see actual people waving to me. Well, it’s quite the site to see when you’re laying on the beach or in the water. You’re half thinking wow this is AMAZING and wait how is this legal? do people dye?? You must go see it, everyone needs at least one video or picture of it.


Anguilla but who do I think I am

Okay, so moving along we took a day trip to the island of Anguilla, by the Marigot port on the french side. MAN LET ME TELL YOU, if you thought the waters of St. Martin are crystal wait til you get to Anguilla! EVEN BLUER!!! wait WHAT?? So cray! I was LIVING! in Anguilla! I forgot that I was going home to my, then, home in Boston after this trip. Talk about an island, it’s even smaller than St. Martin but even still everyone is just chill, it’s really a no flex zone. Actually, I wound up Kiki’ing with some people on the beach and they were from Boston. Bit of a small world moment. They had their wedding on the beach we were on over 12 years ago and they go back every year for their anniversary. Because really it’s just romantic.

The trip was all in all amazing, We hired a personal chef for dinner, AND personal masseuse. I wasn’t about the masseuse, I don’t like people touching me hahah sorry bout it! If you can get in that villa life I would definitely do that. Although I’m nervous that I may be spoiled. Both my cousin and mom’s best friend that went with us were chefs, so we got the ultimate treatment. Private beach just down the road and we missed two of the major storms whilst we were there, so if you’re gonna go, go when it’s cold and you can’t take it anymore hahaha (go when you want).

This Thursday I’m going with a Zumba “retreat”. I just got the Itinerary and it’s more of a fitness camp. I’m excited. This time I’ll be staying on the french side and not in a villa. I’ll be staying at the Blue Bay Beach Hotel in Orient Bay. All I know is I’m going in at 150 lbs and coming back 140lbs hahahahaha it’s going down. Stay tuned for that post. I’m so excited to go. I’m also a Zumba instructor so it’s nice to see how these things work and to see if this is something I can do one day and realistically when that day will be, because it is going to happen!

Stay tuned til next time hunties!!!



One thought on ““Take me Back” Tuesday!

  1. St Martin is one of my favorite places so loved reading your post and seeing pics. We stayed in a condo on orient beach the last time, it’s a great location! Enjoy!

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